Essentially, the ceremony is a performance where a host serves their guests green tea in a formal manner. The ceremony typically takes place in a traditional room, lined with tatami mats, following a rigid process of steps.
  • Chakai traditional ceremonies usually host about 4 or 5 guests, who are each served a teacup of thin green tea.
  • Sado more formal include the drinking of thick green tea, which is drank from a bowl shared by guests.


◊ Along with the role of host there is the shokyaku, the main guest who is responsible for interacting with the teishu or host.


◊ Bow once after the tea is served, again just before drinking the tea and again after putting the empty cup down.


◊ Try to drink the tea in only two or three sips, ensuring that any patterns on the cup are facing away from you.


◊ Be sure to wear white socks on the day as you will need to remove your shoes upon entering and try to avoid tight or revealing clothing for this traditional experience.