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Monthly Box - JUST MATCHA


This is the best matcha I have ever had so that really says everything I could say about it. THANK YOU

Great Matcha.

Great Matcha. Nice to try some new ones and I really like the planting and harvesting information.

Monthly Box - JUST MATCHA
Ana S. Henriques da Costa

Monthly Box - JUST MATCHA


I love Kusui Matcha so much. This is clean and real taste of Matcha.
I feel so great the result in the tea bowl, which is bright beautiful green color and figure every time.

Love all 3!

Im a subscriber! I love it!

Consistently excellent product

As a lover of pure matcha (not the lattes and derivatives) for many years I have sampled many brands and found Sorate to be a consistently superior product.
I have a 3 weekly subscription which always arrives on time. I carry with me on vacations. Love it.

Unique Teapot and cup

Even though I got the teapot and cup on sale, I still feel it is very overpriced. The cup I received was broken, but I was sent another one without hesitation, so Customer Service was AWESOME! Although the cup is very small, I think the set is very unique! The only issue I have with the teapot is that the lid can be difficult to remove, I thought it might break since it got stuck, otherwise it's really nice!

KŪSUI MATCHA 空翠 - 40gr

Juana Burga
Favorite Matcha Whisk

It’s my favorite whisk! I use it for my Matcha latte but also for other drinks. The design is so beautiful and chic. ❤️

Smooth & Excellent Quality

I love the Matcha green tea! I drink it twice a day morning & evening as my daily routine! You can really taste the superior quality vs. matcha here in specialty stores! I just feel more balanced, calm & I found it beneficial to my health!

Patrice Denm
Love this tea!

I will buy again!

High Quality

I will buy it again!

High quality! I'm a subscriber

KURADASHI MATCHA - Limited - 40gr
Very very good

I never had an “aged matcha”. I have discovered my new addiction! Better than wine!!!

Pretty impressed

Very easy & flavorful. Just perfect 😍 I’ve tried a few matcha brands and this was my last attempt and I’m so glad I tried one last time 👍👍👍


Excellent product

Best Matcha

Great Matcha. Look no further.

Great quality

I enjoy my daily cup, so relaxing and comforting. I would recommend.

Thank you!!!

For my teen daughter

My daughter loves this. She made me a cup. It was good


So flavorful and feels very high quality.

A very healthy tea.

The thing that I like is the healthy benefits that I get every time that I drink it. My skin looks much more healthy and smooth.

Very Good

I have always loved matcha. I am getting off coffee and this gives me lasting energy. Only 2-3 small scoops for one cup and a tiny bit of honey. I reccomend.

I like the product!

It tastes good and shipping was fast


Best price quality rapport. The box works well. Taste is good, the color is nice. Easy to digest.