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Great Matcha.

Great Matcha. Nice to try some new ones and I really like the planting and harvesting information.

Monthly Box - JUST MATCHA
Ana S. Henriques da Costa

Monthly Box - JUST MATCHA


I love Kusui Matcha so much. This is clean and real taste of Matcha.
I feel so great the result in the tea bowl, which is bright beautiful green color and figure every time.

Love all 3!

Im a subscriber! I love it!

Consistently excellent product

As a lover of pure matcha (not the lattes and derivatives) for many years I have sampled many brands and found Sorate to be a consistently superior product.
I have a 3 weekly subscription which always arrives on time. I carry with me on vacations. Love it.

Unique Teapot and cup

Even though I got the teapot and cup on sale, I still feel it is very overpriced. The cup I received was broken, but I was sent another one without hesitation, so Customer Service was AWESOME! Although the cup is very small, I think the set is very unique! The only issue I have with the teapot is that the lid can be difficult to remove, I thought it might break since it got stuck, otherwise it's really nice!

KŪSUI MATCHA 空翠 - 40gr

Juana Burga
Favorite Matcha Whisk

It’s my favorite whisk! I use it for my Matcha latte but also for other drinks. The design is so beautiful and chic. ❤️

Smooth & Excellent Quality

I love the Matcha green tea! I drink it twice a day morning & evening as my daily routine! You can really taste the superior quality vs. matcha here in specialty stores! I just feel more balanced, calm & I found it beneficial to my health!

Patrice Denm
Love this tea!

I will buy again!

High Quality

I will buy it again!

High quality! I'm a subscriber

KURADASHI MATCHA - Limited - 40gr
Very very good

I never had an “aged matcha”. I have discovered my new addiction! Better than wine!!!

Pretty impressed

Very easy & flavorful. Just perfect 😍 I’ve tried a few matcha brands and this was my last attempt and I’m so glad I tried one last time 👍👍👍


Excellent product

Best Matcha

Great Matcha. Look no further.

Great quality

I enjoy my daily cup, so relaxing and comforting. I would recommend.

Thank you!!!

For my teen daughter

My daughter loves this. She made me a cup. It was good


So flavorful and feels very high quality.

A very healthy tea.

The thing that I like is the healthy benefits that I get every time that I drink it. My skin looks much more healthy and smooth.

Very Good

I have always loved matcha. I am getting off coffee and this gives me lasting energy. Only 2-3 small scoops for one cup and a tiny bit of honey. I reccomend.

I like the product!

It tastes good and shipping was fast


Best price quality rapport. The box works well. Taste is good, the color is nice. Easy to digest.

Pleasantly surprised

Tastes great! No seaweedy flavor. Delivers on time

Pleasantly surprised

Tastes great! No seaweedy flavor. Delivers on time