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SORATE is a Japanese green tea company based in Brooklyn, New York helmed by founder and creative director Silvia Mella. In service of our commitment to balance, Sorate partners with not only doctors, nutritionists, and scientists, but also our speciality tea farmers to produce a high-quality green tea with a vital boost of Catechins, Flavonoids, Fluoride, Vitamin A, C and E. Green tea is considered to be “ Life’s elixir,” containing more Catechins and potent antioxidants than any other plant source.  


Sorate is a slang popular in the Veneto region of Italy, meaning “calm down” or “cool off”, while “Sora” in Japanese means “Sky”. The logo is half a perfect circle in honor of Giotto, Leonardo Da Vinci and the light of the Roman Pantheon, the other half refers to the Japanese zen circle, Enso


Sorate’s mission is to provide the world with the perfect harmony of science-based wellness practices and traditional Japanese

plant-based medicine to enrich the body, mind, and spirit. In Japan, green tea is part of a ritual experience centered around meditation—a state of mindful consciousness and tranquility, at Sorate we focus on that experience that complements the well-known health benefits of green tea. Our passion for tea is founded within health and wellness.


In Japan, green tea is part of a ritual ceremony centered around meditation - a state of mindful consciousness that focuses on the experience, placing the body & mind in a state of harmony that complements the known health benefits of green tea. 

The subscription box is the easiest way to enjoy the health benefits of Green Tea, as it provides customers with the amount they need for a consistent, therapeutic daily dose.     


SORATE Matcha and Teas are sourced in Ujitawara; the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan, from the family-owned farm of Sencha Tea creator, Nagatani Soenon. 

Our superior tea trees are a masterwork of agricultural craftsmanship - combining ideal soil conditions with centuries old technical expertise that have been perfected over generations.