"Mindfulness training may improve emotion regulation by changing the way our brain responds to what we’re afraid of and reminding us that it is no longer threatening." Gunes Sevinc, PhD

The Massachusetts General Hospital researched how mindfulness practice training changes the brain structure in only 8 weeks.

Subjects 18 to 50 years of age were recruited via public transportation advertisements for stress-reduction programs.

They were required to have had minimal prior experience with meditation or yoga practice.

Mindfulness meditation and mindful daily rituals

have been proposed to provide an optimal condition for exposure therapy because it involves experiencing the present moment with an open, curious and non-reactive mindset. Numerous studies have documented that mindfulness meditation programs are useful for reducing anxiety.

"Fear and anxiety have a habitual component to them – the memory of something that provoked fear in the past will trigger a habitual fear response when we are reminded of the event, even if there is no direct threat at the present."

Sara Lazar, PhD