How many people in the world are, at this very moment, trapped in their own thoughts of their own reality?


Common signs of being trapped in your mind: 

• Indecisiveness

• Procrastination

• Overthinking everything

• Being emotionally reactive

• Losing track of time

• Constantly analyzing the past or fearing the future

• Poor concentration levels

• Tension

• Sore muscles

• Sleep problems

sorate matcha and green tea 

Three steps that can help you stop feeling trapped in your mind:  

◊ Help to train the mind to focus on the present moment

(i.e. mindfulness, meditation)


◊ Increase the intake of oxygen

(i.e., getting fresh air, practicing deep breathing, exercising, or getting sweaty on my myoga mat); and


◊ Release and clear thoughts

(i.e., daily journaling, talking to a close friend, brain dump).


Some of these are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN methods for calming and/or rewiring the brain, which might be comforting for you to know.