Finding your Zen is very simple, slow down and find peace within. 

It is all about taking small moments out of your day for your mind, body and your soul amongst a busy, anxious day or if you have almost found breaking point. Finding inner peace and a state of clarity within is a great way to help you find your zen. 

sorate matcha and green tea


Walking meditation: 

Walking mediations are a great way to get steps in during a break in your day, you can use this on the go, you may focus on a particular color during your walk, for example focus on only green colors during your walk bring your attention to anything green, this calms and relaxes the mind also it can increase creativity if you have hit a mental block. 

Try music meditation:

Research suggests that a certain beat of music stimulates our brainwaves to resonate in sync with that particular beat, so a fast tempo can increase concentration and alertness, and slower tunes promote a more relaxed state. When our brainwaves are altered, our bodily functions are altered too.

Try body-scanning: 

You may or may not have heard about body scanning before. This technique is surprisingly very helpful, it allows us to become grounded in our physical bodies. We are "in our heads" for most part of the day. Research has proven that the body and mind are intimately connected, take a few minutes to observe each body part, and try to release any tension you may be holding onto within that body part, this is a great technique for calming the mind and grounding us.  

Take a moment out of your day for YOU!!!

- If you try any of these techniques be sure to let us know!