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The difference between PREMIUM & EVERYDAY Matcha - sorate

The difference between PREMIUM & EVERYDAY Matcha

There are several factors to consider with Matcha .... there is such a MASSIVE array of choice and they certainly all vary in terms of quality and price. 
It is so important to us to provide you with high quality, superior tasting Matcha that is also affordable.
Both bright green in color, which shows that they are each high quality however as we will learn further below, Super Premium Matcha is ultimately of a higher grade and finer in texture.  


    sorate tea ritual

    • Is from the 2020 Tea Harvest and is first flush (the first plucking of the youngest and most tender tea leaves in the harvest for freshest tea)
    • Is Bright Green, smooth to drink with minimal bitterness 
      • Cultivar (breeding) : single origin Gokou (shade cloth grown)
      • Has a fine silky like texture with no impurities.
      • Is perfect for Everyday use: to drink on its own, with milk or for cooking purposes - baking, smoothies, bliss balls and more. 
        • It is an extremely high quality tea when compared to many other grades of Matcha (which are often not bright in color and lack a pleasant sweet grassy aroma) and will have superior tasting results when used in recipes. It is far superior in taste, color and flavor than most other House Matcha around this price point on the market. 



        sorate tea ritual

        • Is from the 2021 Spring Tea Harvest and is first flush (the first plucking of the youngest and most tender tea leaves in the harvest for freshest tea)

        • Cultivar (breeding) : Single origin Okumidori

        • Ceremonial Grade means it's suitable to use in Japanese Tea Ceremony when tea is prepared with a bamboo whisk and results in a creamy frothy finish. Inferior quality Matcha doesn't froth up as easily. 
        • Is picked in the first harvest which occurs in May each year which means that only the finest quality youngest and freshest tea leaves get selected for this tea.
        •  Is even brighter green in colour and delicate and smooth tasting to drink with absolutely no bitterness.  High grade Matcha such as this has a light sweet finish. 
        • Has a fine silky powdery texture which shows that the freshest and best quality leaves are used with no impurities. 



        If you are new to the world of Matcha and would like to try it out, we would suggest trying the House Matcha which combined with milk of your choice, makes a lovely tasting Matcha Latte. 

        It's also perfect to drink on it's own or add into many a recipe

        If you are already quite familiar with drinking Matcha  and wish to enjoy some extra smooth and high quality tasting, the Super Premium Matcha is the tea for you! If you also like to enjoy the finer things in life and pride yourself with discerning taste, we would recommend treating yourself with this tea too. 

        You can check out these teas for purchase HERE If you have any questions about our tea or anything else, feel free to contact us! 



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