When we speak of tea and meditation, the two words are almost inseparable. Many centuries ago when tea culture was being spread in the far east, it was not uncommon for Buddhist monks in Tibet to drink large quantities of pu-erh, and Zen monks in Japan to do the same with Matcha in order to stay awake during long meditation hours. It's the ritual of brewing tea while at the same time practicing mindfulness and meditation.


PREPARING THE TEA. Pay attention to each movement and every step. Clear your mind from thoughts.

THE SPACE. This could be any space, but dedicating it to the experience is essential. Make sure to put away all the things you don't need at this moment, visually they distract you from your peace.

TAKE TIME TO APPRECIATE THE TEA. Connect with it. Imagine where it came from. Smell it.

DRINKING THE TEA. Be aware of your movements, your thoughts, the ways that you feel. Acknowledge it and let it go. Each moment is fleeting.