"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
Think of any hatred you hold for another, maybe an ex or an old friend.
The feeling of hatred and resentment doesn’t cause the other discomfort, it doesn’t make them lose sleep. 
The only person feeling discomfort and losing sleep is YOU!


Today’s Task:
Write down in your journal someone that has caused you PAIN or someone you RESENT.  Next, write what you LEARNED from that situation.  
  • Maybe the ex that hurt you taught you how to not to treat another partner.  
  • Maybe the your friend that was really mean to you, taught you that it hurts when someone talks like that and now you be mindful of how you talk to others 
  • Maybe the way your dad reacted taught you not to react like that with your children.
  When you put your resentment down on paper and find a way that situation shaped you as a person,
it becomes so much easier to FORGIVE, LET GO and live a hatred FREE life.