The best way to have a good day is to have a GOOD morning.

Both BODY and MIND are refreshed, and the day begins again with a renewed sense of possibility.

 sorate green tea and matcha

Stage 1: Support Your Physical Body In Waking Up


Help your body by supplying the natural physiological cues that trigger wakefulness.

You can do this by opening a window and taking a few deep breaths of fresh morning air. 

 To  promote healthy melatonin levels, you should also expose yourself to natural light as soon after waking as possible. Have water or tea instead of coffee immediately after waking, especially if caffeine tends to amplify anxiety for you. 

Stage 2: Come into Stillness

Morning routines don’t have to be elaborate – turn an ordinary shower into a moment of SELF-CARE by slowing down and bringing mindfulness to the sensations.

 Savor the feeling of the soap on your skin, the warm water. Take your time with a favorite cup of teaor some gentle music.

Stage 3: Set your Intention 


With your body and mind gently woken up and your consciousness held in calm attention, you can now begin to focus yourself by making plans for the day ahead.

 Think about the attitude you want to hold, how you want to feel, and how you want to engage with the tasks that lay ahead of you.