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Matcha Vs Coffee

While the caffeine content itself doesn’t vary much between Coffee and Matcha, the way it gets absorbed by the body and brain differ significantly.

Coffee Vs Matcha:

Caffeine is a naturally occurring compound that’s found in around 60 types of plants including tea and coffee caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that most of us rely on to boost energy. As most of us are aware, coffee contains a high amount of caffeine content.

While caffeine may be beneficial, especially for those who feel lethargic, or in need of a quick energy boost, the caffeine in coffee can also have some negative effects. Coffee containing caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness and the jitters. 

While the caffeine content itself doesn’t vary much between Coffee and Matcha, the way it gets absorbed by the body and brain differ significantly. The integrated actions of stimulating and calming make matcha an obvious, and superior, choice for those interested in a sustained, and clean burning, peaceful energy. Matcha wins over coffee at being the better stimulant and keeping you alert and awake for a longer period of time.

If you are interested in switching over from coffee to matcha for your daily dose of caffeine, below are five reasons why matcha is the winner in Matcha vs. Coffee.

If you swap Coffee for Matcha:

1. You will have enhanced energy without the jitters. The effects of matcha’s caffeine is balanced out by the presence of L-theanine, a nutrient that is abundant in matcha. L-theanine slows down the release of caffeine’s energy boost from a caffeine kick into smooth waves. Caffeine is gradually absorbed by the body which results into 4-6 hours of mental alertness and concentration. There is also no crash unlike coffee. There’s a stark difference post-caffeination between a coffee drinker and matcha drinker. 

2. Reduce inflammation. Matcha is capable of reducing inflammation levels, because it stimulates the body's anti-inflammatory responses and calms the immune system down. Coffee can also reduce inflammation levels but its anti-inflammatory properties are lower than those of coffee. Matcha's anti-inflammatory properties help aid with pain relief when it comes to inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. 

3. Ingest more antioxidants. Unlike other teas, when you drink Sorate Matcha, you drink the actual leaf in its fine powder form, giving you concentrated health benefits. It has 137 times more antioxidants than other teas. Tea leaves naturally produce an antioxidant called a Catechin. Catechins helps fight cancer and prevent damage to cells by acting as an internal protectant and regenerative. Induced by inflammation, immune reactions, neoplasia, and wound healing.

4. A Reduce in Anxiety and Stress. L-theanine is an amino acid, and the key phytonutrient in matcha, that helps promote calmness instead of amping up and increasing anxiety levels. There is no L-theanine in coffee, at all. It should also be noted that the L-theanine (also commonly called theanine ) in matcha occurs in greater quantities than other tea, because of the shading technique used in the final weeks of tea leaf growth; this removes all sources of light to the plant, leading the plant to go into overdrive, producing more L-theanine and a whole lot of that bright green chlorophyll goodness.

5. Better Oral Health. The exceedingly high catechin content of matcha has antibacterial effects, and in essence they act as microscopic plaque scrubbers that can help prevent cavity formation. Because they inhibit the growth of the bacteria that cause plaque, matcha acts as a mouthwash as well as a beautiful cup of tea. Unlike coffee, matcha does not stain your teeth and will not leave you with bad breath. 

If you are thinking of making the move from coffee to green tea, research indicates that you may be looking at improved health outcomes in the future. It's definitely worth considering swapping your hot coffee for a cup of Matcha.




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