It is important that you do not confuse grades with quality.

It all depends on how the tea has been grown, harvested, and treated. You can identify good quality Matcha of any grade as it will have a vibrant green color.

Each Matcha is delicious, natural, and full of antioxidants and vitamins. While enjoying your cup of Matcha, take the time to consider how this incredible matcha has made its way to your cup.

As part of a long-standing meditative tradition, matcha is the perfect way to cleanse your mind, body, and soul while indulging in one of nature’s healthiest boosts of antioxidants and natural energy.

MATCHA SUPER PREMIUM (ceremonial grade):

Ceremonial matcha is the top grade of matcha that is made. They come from the highest quality of leaves - the first harvest. This matcha is very rich and complex in flavor, with lots of umami, elements of sweetness, varying degrees of astringency, and different vegetal notes.


This Matcha is harvested just a little later in the season. Our Matcha Superior has a more smooth and mellow taste than most Matcha teas you will find on the market, and it is also much less bitter. It is perfect for those new to the art of Matcha drinking or those who drink it quite often and prefer a high-quality Matcha that is not too expensive. This matcha works wonderfully for matcha lattes and other blended matcha drinks. It has a bright green color and a fine texture, so it breaks up easily in water.


Despite the fact that House Matcha is our entry grade, we are confident with the quality and value. Our House Matcha is perfect for those new to the art of Matcha or those who drink it quite often and would like a high-quality everyday Matcha that is also a good value. This grade isn't a lower quality product than the ceremonial grade product. It simply has a different flavor profile, it is more robust and bitter. We guarantee that it retains those fresh characteristics, holistic taste, and bright green color that is so distinctive to Matcha.