Studies show that we're actually more focused and productive when we take intentional breaks throughout the day.  

Incorporating movement, meditation, and ritual into our workday in-between tasks can help us reset and give us a boost of needed energy. 

Researchers like Sophia Cho recommend microbreaks of around 5-10 minutes at various times during the workday to stave off feelings of fatigue and to increase the opportunity for exercise and motion.

Especially if you work at a desk, microbreaks can help with

  • posture
  • blood flow
  • eyesight
  • mental health. 

Brewing a cup of Matcha is an excellent way to give yourself a microbreak at home or at work.

The practice of making and enjoying Matcha takes about 5 to 10 minutes and encourages movement and mindfulness. 

Consider the steps it takes to craft a cup of Matcha:

  1. leaving your computer,
  2. walking to the kitchen, 
  3. turning on the kettle,
  4. measuring the spoonfuls of Matcha,
  5. waiting for the water to heat, then
  6. carefully pour the water over the Matcha powder and
  7. whisking or shaking to combine. 

It's the perfect way to get away from your screens and be present in the moment.

The process of brewing Matcha takes skill and attention and allows your mind to rest and enjoy doing something by hand. 

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed, restless, or find your mind wondering at work, consider refocusing your attention by preparing your favorite Matcha beverage at work. Just don't forget to bring enough for your coworkers!