Motivation is one of our most elusive commodities. We need it to do just about everything worthwhile, from work and creativity to eating well and exercise. 
sorate green tea and matcha

Get Outside:

Nature has a grounding, re-centering effect on mind and body. 

Include a Friend:

Motivation is often found in accountability. 

Get Started:

Motivation comes from motivation. This makes it feel impossible to find when you’re at zero and looking at a daunting goal, but it is as simple as taking that first step.

Make it Fun:

Turn whatever task is sucking your motivation into a game, something fun.

Treat Your Self:

Much like making it fun, you can reward yourself for steps along the way. 

Calm Your Mind:

Nothing kills motivation like that overwhelmed feeling that comes with looking at the whole task ahead in despair. Breathe deeply, practice meditation, or sip tea while you focus.

Forgive Yourself:

Forgive yourself often and quickly. You’re going to have missteps. 

sorate green tea and matcha