Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Gia is bilingual in English and Mandarin. Gia graduated with a degree in Media & Communications from the University of Melbourne, Australia and a graduate degree in luxury marketing from Parsons The New School for Design.
Gia Kuan is the PR maven behind many of New York fashion’s most popular labels such as Telfar, Area, and Puppets.  Kuan found herself drawn to one of her passions: food.
She photographed her meals, and interned in the recipe departments of food magazines. “I would be in the test kitchen, filing recipes for the critics”. Gia has lived in Manhattan, New York for the past 8 years.


What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I listen to a few podcasts such as NPR: Fresh Air or New York Times: Daily, while I scroll through my phone and filter through my emails –– and I usually make myself a large glass of lemon water or green tea to wake myself up.

 Gia Kuan Matcha Sorate

What actions and rituals do you focus on to keep you grounded? 
Reading and radio listening is very big for me, physical newspapers and books, I love the feeling of flipping paper actually, there's something so therapeutic about that and being in tune with words and the news through a tangible medium.

Can you list five things you are grateful for in the morning

  1. My health
  2. The fact that it's another (hopefully better) day.
  3. Breakfast and feeling nourished.
  4. My work keeps me going!
  5. My partner and my home, that I'm waking up to familiar cozy surroundings. 

A good technique to start your day is to read for 5 minutes, write for five minutes and meditate for five minutes. Suggest what would you read and what would you write about?
I usually spend time writing my to-do list in the morning, that's important for me to set my day. I also read the news but before I read the news, I think I like to listen to the news through podcast, radio.

Gia Kuan Matcha Sorate
What morning ritual would you like to impart to others?
Stretching and yoga is important and also something I do need to do more and trying to train myself to be in a habit of - as it keeps your blood flowing and keeps your energized and sets your day!

How do you think Sorate will fit into your morning ritual?
I'm big on breakfasts and tea with my breakfasts so Sorate's blends are perfect –– I'm excited to integrate it into my mornings.


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