Use your progress as validation that the steps you are taking are working and continue to refine them so that it’s sustainable.
What can you do today to help build better habits and get consistent? 
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Principles on which Consistency is based:

 The idea of consistency is based on three underlying principles.



Patience is the key to consistency: One of the main reasons people don’t stick with what they’re doing, whatever it might be, is simply impatience.



Likewise, failing to believe in what you’re doing will definitely kill your consistency in doing it. Your consistency, or lack thereof, in what you do is a good indication of your true belief about it.



Everything that we do is generally motivated by one of two things: fear and desire. In either case, you take action based on perceived value: running from a bear has the value of saving your life, while running as a form of running has the value of maintaining your health.