Healthy living is all about ​balance. ​

Whether you’re balancing work and life or striving toward something as simple as a balanced diet, achieving balance can be a challenge of its own.  


Sorate has the mission to help you achieve an equilibrium between the mind, body, and spirit, by taking the stress out of your daily wellness routine and helping you put a little more ​self ​back in your self-care regimen. 

In service of our commitment to balance, Sorate partners with not only doctors, nutritionists, and scientists, but also our specialty tea farmers to produce a high-quality green tea with a vital boost of Catechins, and Flavonoids, Fluoride, Vitamin A, C and E. 
By consuming just 3 cups of our green tea or matcha a day, you will give your body more Catechins than any other natural source of antioxidants. 

Everything you need to brew a comforting cup of tea is shipped right to your door.