Research is suggesting that green tea benefits the oral cavity. Green tea contains compounds that appear to control inflammation and fight bacterial infection. This drink is also rich in antioxidants, which have many health properties.


See below four reasons why green tea is good for your oral health: 


1. Eliminate Bad Breath 

Green tea is much better for your breath than coffee or milk because it does not contain any dairy substances nor does it cause xerostomia (dry mouth) like coffee does. In addition, green tea kills the microbes that causes our mouths to smell throughout the day from minimal water intake or, sometimes, hunger. 


2. Reduce Gum Disease

study indicated that green tea may reduce oral bacteria which, in turn, can promote the health of teeth and gums. Researchers believe that the catechins found in green tea have the potential to kill bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease. As a result, green tea has the potential to prevent tooth loss and other oral health problems.


3. Fight Tooth Decay 

Green tea controls bacteria through regulating saliva production and acidity in the mouth. Researchers found multiple positive studies on tooth decay prevention using only green tea.


4. Reduce Oral Cancer Risk 

Catechins from matcha are known for their potential anti-cancer activity. According to studies by scientists from Pennsylvania State University, matcha may help treat oral cancer cells,

The scientists found the natural antioxidant effect of matcha’s catechins could suppress cancer cells without harming the healthy cells while leaving no side effects.