With people around the world practicing social distancing and self-isolation to curb the further spread of coronavirus, some are starting to feel the effects of a lack of human touch. Whether it’s shaking a coworker’s hand or hugging a friend, most people are accustomed to some level of platonic physical touch on a daily basis. 

Regular physical touch provides the following benefits in addition to providing us with a MOMENT TO REMEMBER.




1. Lowers Blood Pressure and Provides Relaxation, physical touch decreases headaches and improves sleep quality.
    2. Communicates a sense of Trust and Intimacy, after a long honest hug, conflict that many arguments have failed to resolve can vanish.
      3. Motivates us to be Successful "the science of a meaningful life" written by Dacher Keltner, explains that members of sports teams who congratulate each other with hugs or high fives achieve better results than those who don't interact physically.
        4. Strengthens Relationships, touching helps to increase cooperation and brings people closer. Touching helps to make people feel safer and more secure with each other. When it comes to romantic partnerships, it’s an essential indicator that the bonds are healthy and strong.
          5. Lifts your Mood, a hug or even a relaxing massage can help dissipate negative feelings that build up during a bad day.

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