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Ashlee Harrison - sorate

Ashlee Harrison

My Morning Ritual with Ashlee Harrison
 Ashlee Harrison - my morning ritual sorate
What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
During the week I start my days early. I’m up by 7. I make it a point to stay in bed for a few moments and stretch and breathe, and then do a short guided meditation. Shower, Wash face, brush teeth and start the day.
I throw my robe on, make my matcha and like to play a bit of music in the morning while I scan through my emails, and start to program out my day.
What actions and rituals do you focus on to keep you grounded?
I rediscovered breathwork and meditation during the pandemic— it recalibrates the body, mind and spirit, and prepares me for what the day brings— it’s a steadfast in my routine. My friend taught me the one breath meditation that I use all day. I also have realized how important diet is in effecting my mood and mental clarity and overall well being, not only physically. 
Can you list five things you are grateful for in the morning?
1. My health
2. Laughter and joy
3. My job that I love and our artists who continually inspire me
4. My incredible family and friends
5. That every morning is a new beginning and an opportunity for a fresh start
A good technique to start your day is to read for 5 minutes, write for five minutes and meditate for five minutes. Suggest what would you read and what would you write about?
My Gratitude List. I do this sometimes and it’s so important to put yourself into perspective. Writing this continuously for 5 minutes, no breaks, all the aspects that you are grateful for. It starts big picture and then the more consistent you are the more specific you become, and you start to note the little things, which become everything!
If there is a song to start your day, what is it?
“Bill Withers, lovely day.”
What’s your mantra?
“Channel your energy with intention”.

What morning ritual would you like to impart to others?
I would like to motivate myself to exercise more in the morning! I tend to leave this for the afternoon.
Also being more consistent with my gratitude lists!

How do you think Sorate will fit into your morning ritual?
I’m not a big breakfast person. I break fast around 2pm but start my days early, so to give me that daily boost I’ve dedicated my mornings to Matcha. Every night I brew a big pitcher of Sorate Hojicha tea, and chill it in the fridge. Then I have it to sip throughout the day.
I stopped drinking coffee over a year ago when I discovered Sorate and switched to Matcha. It wakes me up, brings me focus and heightened awareness without the jitters or crash. It’s been a game changer for me.
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Ashlee Harrison - my morning ritual sorate


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