My Morning Ritual with Anne Verhallen.

Anne Verhallen is a New York-based curator, writer and artist agent. As director of the fine art division at CXA, she has works on projects for many leading artists.  She also writes monthly for Arte Fuse.  

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Verhallen started her career as a high-fashion model working for Vogue, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, exclusively for Givenchy and with leading photographers.

Currently, as an independent curator, she seeks to cultivate the intersection between technology, design, art, and health.

We sat down with Anne and asked her a few questions about her morning ritual, see below: 

What actions and rituals do you focus on to keep you grounded?

I am ussualy up early, especially in the new-normal I started waking up around 6 or 7 am.  In a perfect world, I go for a long run or walk after my meditation and a cup of tea.  I need to gather my thoughts before I start my work-day.  Obviously, it is progress, not perfection, I'd say 5 days a week I can stick to my routine. 


What are 5 things you are grateful for?

I started writing a gratitude list a couple of years ago, and it so very helpful!  The list changes from daily, but they generally consist of things that I otherwise take for granted. A sunny day,  health, or connections with friends or family. 


What do you suggest to write?

Gratitude lists are a good start!  I think it is important to come from a nonjudgmental place, do what feels good.


What morning ritual do you advise?

Take time for yourself before the day starts!  Living in metropolitan cities made me rush from one thing to the next, and it was not productive and serving.  In addition, consistency is key!  I was never naturally attracted to consistency or preparation but it has been an absolute game-changer, and surprisingly, I enjoy it!


How does Sorate fit with your ritual?

Sorate is already incorporated into my routine. As a previously heavy coffee drinker, switching from coffee to tea (with the help of Sorate) was probably one of the best decisions this year!


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