Did you know?
Matcha not only benefits you INSIDE the body but can also benefit you OUTSIDE the body!!
Sorate Green Tea and Matcha
Bath Soak
 Add a sprinkle of matcha to your bath for a relaxing, and energizing bath. Antioxidants protect skin from damage, chlorophyll detoxes and deodorizes, caffeine invigorates, and L-Theanine calms body and mind. 
Body Scrub
 Mix matcha with sugar and a little water to rub and revitalize skin. We recommend using house matcha here.
Foot Soak 
Add matcha to your foot soak. You will enjoy the earthy scent of it while softening callouses, easing pain, and rejuvenating skin.
Foot Scrub 
Mix matcha with sugar to erase dead skin, callouses, and soreness. Add coconut oil for extra moisture.
Face Mask 
Matcha makes an amazing addition to any face mask recipe. Let the antioxidants go to work where you need it most. Check out our matcha face mask recipe HERE.
Wrinkle Cream 
Mix a small amount of matcha into your wrinkle cream. You get extra antioxidants to protect and repair damage. Catechins and tannins tighten skin. Caffeine invigorates.