Five Signs That You Need To Detox The Body
· Low Energy Levels 
Sleep is the first place to look to boost your energy levels. To improve energy levels caffeine is also a good start. Matcha provides a SLOW release of energy which lasts through out the day. 
· Skin Problems (acne) 
Hormonal acne is often induced from stress and excess androgen hormones that cause the sebaceous glands to produce higher amounts of sebum. Matcha helps tackle this on both levels as it helps combat stress (both oxidative stress caused by FREE-RADICALS and emotionally by calming down the nervous system).
· Digestive Problems 
Most digestive problems are a sign that our digestive system is out of balance.  Balancing the digestive fire through a CLEANSE leads to healthy, balanced, and nourished tissues.
· Sugar Cravings 
Consuming too much sugar sends insulin and blood glucose on a high over time, and can supercharge your sweet tooth so you crave more and more sugar. 
· Achy Joints or Muscles 
Joint pain in your knees, hips, or elsewhere can be a sign of uncontrolled inflammation in the body.
· Eat Fruits and Vegetables 
The high water content of fruits and vegetables helps FLUSH out toxins, plus they contain antioxidants that REDUCE inflammation.
· Keep hydrated 
Adequate hydration helps lubricate your lymphatic system and flush out toxins. 
· Stay Active 
Exercise is one of the best ways to detoxify the body. It is an effective way to REDUCE stress, IMPROVE sleep, and sweat — long known as an efficient way to REMOVE some toxins such as heavy metals from your body.
· Drink Matcha 
Matcha does so much MORE than detox the body.
It protects against free radicals due to the power of antioxidants. Matcha has 20 times MORE antioxidants than a serving of blueberries. Matcha may PREVENT cancer. Matcha contains fat-burning properties. One study found that matcha tea increased thermogenesis, the body’s rate of burning calories, by about 4 times the normal rate. Another study showed that drinking matcha before exercise resulting in 25% more fat burning. And last but not least, matcha improves heart health due to lowering cholesterol.