HALF DOSE - Monthly Box

This box includes the equivalent of 20 cups of Matcha and 25 cups of Tea for a total of 45 doses monthly.

The Half Dose box gives a unique experience with a variety of flavors and benefits, by receiving a different kind of Matcha and Tea each month.


  • 1 Green Tea of 100gr (Sencha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, Hojicha)
  • 1 Matcha of 40gr
  • 1 FREE Sorate Glass Bottle for easier and portable infusion
  • 1 Matcha wooden spoon
  • 1 Tea wooden spoon

The variety of our teas changes every month and it is highly curated by our tea masters. 

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*Delivery: Our Teas and Matcha are grown and packaged in our farm in Japan. Our Monthly Boxes are shipped out on the second Tuesday of every month for arrival in 1/2 business days.

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