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The Art of the Tea Ceremony 新緑の茶会 Power of Matcha - NEW YORK

Sunday, MAY 21st 2023 - NEW YORK  

Sunday, MAY 21st 2023

- Hours:12pm or 3.30pm

- Globus Washitsu Tea room 憩翠庵- 889 Broadway # PHC New York, NY 10003

Omotesenke style has over 450 years of history. Keiko creates the art of the tea ceremony in NY with traditional and modern style and spirit.

Talking about the history of Japanese tea ceremony “Sanyu Tana” I would like to talk about the history of the tea ceremony highlighting a shelf called “Sanyu Tana”, which was made for the harmony of the San-Senke family.



Japanese traditional small meal with Sake Koicha session (Thick tea) with Main Sweets Usucha session (Thin tea) with dry sweets.


To immerse yourself into this fresh green ambiance, I’d like to ask you to wear something with something in green. (Optional)

All sessions guests sit on directly tatami mats. We have available an arrangement for those who cannot sit "seiza" style. We have available some small stools.

Dress code

Western-style clothes are acceptable.

No sleeveless shirts, or short mini skirts.

Please bring a clean pair of white socks. (We have some extras)

Please take off jewelry and watches


Globus Washitsu -Tea room 憩翠庵- 889 Broadway # PHC New York, NY 10003


Globus Family

Tea by Sorate

Usucha Tea "空翠・ Kusui” is provided by 

Benefit of Matcha

At the end of 12th century the Zen monk Yosai (Eisai) brought home Zen Buddhism and, a method of making and drinking tea. He also wrote “Kissa Yojoki” (Preservation of Health through Drinking Tea) explaining the medicinal effects of drinking tea.

There are many medicinal effects mentioned in the book that have been proved to be true in the present world of medicine.

5 ways Matcha Improves Your Health

1. High in antioxidants

2. May help protect the liver

3. Boosts brain function

4. May help prevent cancer

5. May promote heart health


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