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The Art of the Tea Ceremony with Cherry Blossom

Sunday, APRIL 16th 2023 - NEW YORK  

Sunday, APRIL 16th 2023

12pm or 3.30pm

Globus Washitsu -Tea room 憩翠庵- 889 Broadway # PHC New York, NY 10003

Omotesenke style has over 450 years of history. Keiko creates the art of the tea ceremony in NY with traditional and modern style and spirit.


From Tea Master Keiko:

I am very pleased to announce our springtime tea event “Cherry Blossom Tea ceremony”.

Tea rooms would be decorated with flower arrangements of cherry blossoms.

With the theme of cherry blossom, a Japanese national flower, this special event would offer the full menu of tea ceremony, i.e. thick tea with utensils of flower motif, thin tea, and the Hanami lunch box with a cup of Sake.

To immerse yourself into this cherry blossom ambiance, we’d like to ask you to wear something with a flower motif and/or something in pink. (Optional)

Details of the tea ceremony

Hanami lunch box

Koicha session (Thick tea) Sakura-Sweet (homemade)

Usucha session (Thin tea) Sakura-higashi

*All sessions guests sit on directly tatami mats. We have available an arrangement for those who cannot sit "seiza" style. We have available some small stools.


All session guests sit directly on tatami mats. We have available an arrangement for those who cannot sit "seiza" style. We have some small stools available. Please request in advance for limited chairs are available.

Tea Lunch Box with Sake. Made by Formosa Bento

The photo is an image of a past tea ceremony. It is different from the actual menu. If you have food allergies or any special requests such as vegitarian etc, please contact us in advance. Formosa bento will make an arrangement for you! 

Dress code

Western-style clothes are acceptable.

No sleeveless shirts, or short mini skirts.

Please bring a clean pair of white socks. (We have some extras)

Please take off jewelry and watches. Those can often damage valuable utensils.


Globus Family

Tea by Sorate

Usucha Tea "空翠・ Kusui” is provided by


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