Tea catechins showed protection against infection with influenza viruses in animal experiments. 

When mice were infected with influenza viruses, the death rate was 100%. However, when tea catechins were added to the viruses, the viruses did not effect the mice.

In pigs, it was also found that tea catechins inhibited the infection with influenza viruses. Pigs, in the same way as humans, are susceptible to frequent infections with influenza virus. 

An experiment was carry out in which 1,200 pigs were divided into two groups, and over a period of 6 months pigs in one group were sprayed with a constant amount of catechin solution for 20 minutes, and every 30 minutes with a sprinkler, while those in the other group were sprinkled but not sprayed with catechin solution. It was found that in the catechin-sprayed pigs the antibody level of influenza virus was suppressed.

from the book "Health Effects of Tea and its Catechins" Professor Yukiaki Kuroda and Dr. Yukihiko Hara


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    Influenza is a severe disease that is highly infectious and can progress to life-threating diseases such as pneumonia or encephalitis when aggravated.
    Due to the fact that influenza infections and common colds spread easily via droplets and contact, public prevention measures, such as hand washing and facial masks, are recommended for influenza prophylaxis.
    Experimental studies have reported that Green Tea Catechins inhibited influenza viral adsorption and suppressed replication and neuraminidase activity.
    Catechins have been reported as potential anti-influenza virus agents in several experimental studies. An in vitro study showed that EGCG (the most abundant Catechin in Green Tea) was shown to minimize the infectivity of the influenza.
    A variety of experimental in vivo or in vitro studies on catechins and their chemical derivatives have been reported to have several anti-influenza virus effects, and three mechanisms have been proposed: (1) inhibition of attachment to the host cell, (2) replication inhibition, and (3) inhibition in the virus. READ MORE

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