This specialty Karigane is made from the stems of Gyokuro. These stems only account for about 5 to 10% of all tea leaves so only a limited amount of Gyokuro Karigane can be produced each year.

Even in Kyoto, the leading center of Japanese green tea culture and production throughout the world, it is difficult to find top grade Gyokuro Karigane. 

Following generations of tradition, our plants are shaded from sunlight under a "Honzu" canopy structure made with reeds and straw.

The stems and veins of premium Gyokuro leaves, give this Superior tea a unique and delicately sweet flavor. Gyokuro itself has the most Niacin (vitamin B3) than any other Japanese tea. This compound is known for lowering LDL cholesterol, and increasing HDL cholesterol; this helps to aid against heart disease and diabetes. Niacin also reduces symptoms of arthritis and promotes healthy skin.


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