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The Sorate bottle works as Matcha Shaker and Tea Infuser. 

Whether you are making Matcha or tea, the SORATE bottle sets you up for success from start to finish.

Acting as a Matcha Shaker and Tea Infuser, it’s designed with a filter that assists both processes. 

TEA: To infuse for a fresh loose leaf tea, fill with your bottle with boiling water, add your tea leaves and then the filter. Allow to sit for proper infusion. Pour in a cup.

MATCHA: To act as a shaker for a powerful dose of Matcha, add your Matcha powder inside the bottle, water, and shake until the consistency is the same. The filter not only breaks up the powder but creates the perfect Matcha foam.

  • CAPACITY : 300ml is the perfect size for carrying daily. Suitable for hot or cold beverages
  • ECO-FRIENDLY : Borosilicate glass with a stainless steel cap. 
  • SAFETY : Withstand the temperature change of the water from 0 to 100 degree and double wall design make it scald proof.